Hi, nice to meet you.

We’re J&S Party Muffins — a certified home bakery that makes party muffins for party people.

We started this journey when friends asked if we had business cards after seeing the desserts we brought to a party. At first we laughed, but then we did the only logical thing…went home immediately and made some! A few years later, here we are, waiting to make all your party muffin dreams come true.

Some of you may be asking why we call cupcakes “party muffins.” You can thank a ~4 year old boy in the grocery store. As his mom pushed him past the bakery, he asked (in the cutest voice ever), “can we please get some party muffins?” Not cupcakes. PARTY MUFFINS.  And from that day forward, we vowed to never call them anything less again.


Dessert is her language. Retired athlete, full-time writer for Sperry, and our head baker.

Her fav: vodka soda + a strawberry frosted donut


Former structural engineer turned Paramedic/Firefighter going to NP school. Basically a genius. She’s our arteest extraordinaire!

Her fav: whiskey + soft pretzel

Rhody + Harley

Our fun-sized furry friends!

Harley (right) is a 5 year old Jack Russel Chihuahua mix who enjoys cuddling, cuddling, and more cuddling. He’s actually a cat tbh.

Rhody (left) is a 3 year old Frenchie who enjoys chewing anything and everything and snoring — loudly. He’ll lick you to death.

Big fans of the pup cups.

Want to party with us?

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